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Immediate control of wildland fires with a faster, safer direct-attack suppression system

BLAZETAMER380TM is the aerial water-enhancer fire suppression direct-attack solution

Wildland fires are becoming more common, more intense, and are causing even more destruction. Because of these trends, direct-attack firefighting solutions are required to limit the spread and potential destruction early. And the best results in these aerial firefighting operations are found when implementing water-enhanced fire suppression systems upon first attack.

BLAZETAMER380TM is the non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally safe water additive, proven to be harmless to humans, animals, and vegetation, which complies with Work Health Safety Regulations for firefighters and is approved for use by state and federal agencies. With fast and simple injection and blending systems, BLAZETAMER380TM is added to buckets, fixed wings and can be used in conjunction with dip tanks, and utilized in direct attack drops on wildfires resulting in fast, effective suppression.

Advantages of BLAZETAMER380TM


Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally safe, BLAZETAMER380TM is proven harmless to humans, animals, and vegetation in compliance with Work Health Safety Regulations for firefighters. It is approved for use by state and federal agencies, listed on the United States Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL), and is allowed as an environmentally safe alternative in Long Term Retardant Exclusion Zones if allowed by land management agency policy.

Superior Drop Characteristics

The water-additive BLAZETAMER380TM binds water molecules together to improve the drop characteristics of the direct attack; denser drop patterns, more uniform coverage, less evaporative loss, less drift, and greater canopy penetration. The drop characteristics of BLAZETAMER380TM provide firefighters with greater precision and more control over the direct attack, resulting in greater immediate effect and fewer flights required.

Greater Efficacy

Compared to its alternatives, BLAZETAMER380TM has a greater effect by coverage level, especially on moderate to dense vegetation. Where a retardant, when dropped on a zone at a coverage level 4, may have the desired effect on a wildland fire, BLAZETAMER380TM can have the same degree of impact at a coverage level 2. The efficacy of BLAZETAMER380TM allows firefights to limit the spread of wildland fires faster and with fewer drops.

Endothermic Effect

The unique chemical properties of BLAZETAMER380TM, when mixed with water, create an endothermic reaction upon attack on wildfires, reducing the material fuelling the fire below its flash-point, preventing re-ignition, and dramatically reducing the smoke produced. This effect reduces the most life-threatening hazards that firefighters are exposed to and significantly reduces the resources required to effectively combat wildland fires.

Reduces Hazards for Firefighters

The combined endothermic and drop characteristics of BLAZETAMER380TM reduce the hazards of wildland fires by limiting the heat and smoke produced, and its great efficacy over other options results in reduced flights and safer operations. The concentrated solution is non-corrosive and safe for storage, including aboard firefighting vehicles for quick injection and blending for easy refilling from any water source.

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