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Them's the breaks | RotorHub International

As the frequency and intensity of wildfires continue to rise, so too have the tactics used to combat them evolved. Here we take a look at the latest developments alongside the emerging technologies and equipment.

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Firefighting liquid makes every drop of water count

A LIQUID that greatly improves the ability of water to douse a blaze is helping firefighters battle wild fires in North America and Europe.

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SA company BioCentral Laboratories exporting firefighting liquid BLAZETAMER380™ to the world

A SOUTH Australian company is taking to the world a liquid that significantly boosts the firefighting ability of water and is set to help protect us this bushfire season.

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Water and BLAZETAMER380™ drops keep 220-acre wildfire west of delta junction in check

Aircraft pummeled a wildfire west of Delta Junction again on Sunday with water drops, as well as a water enhancer called BLAZETAMER380™ to keep the fire from spreading.

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Air demonstrations for media planned at airport in Colorado - Fire Aviation

Two air tankers will be making demonstration drops — an Airstrike Firefighters P-3 Orion and a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT). They will be dropping BLAZETAMER380, a water enhancing gel that looks similar to water when released by an air tanker.

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'Buying time': The pilot behind world's first Boeing 737 Water Bomber

The pilots that fly water bombing aircraft are amazing and assist those on the ground. The 737 is the only aircraft of its type in the world dropping water enhancers for direct attack and making a difference!

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Deployments for two DC-10 Air tankers in Chile drain to a close - Fire Aviation

One of the two DC-10 Very Large Air Tankers that deployed to Chile is en route back to the United States now that the wildfire activity has slowed and the contract has ended.

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