BLAZETAMER380TM commonly asked questions


BLAZETAMER380TM is a water-enhancing elastomer designed for deployment by aircraft – both fixed and rotary wing – to suppress wildfires quickly and safely. The product can also be used in ground engines by applying the recommended dosage to the water and agitating for a few minutes. Recirculating through the pump will yield the best results. BLAZETAMER380™ has been closely scrutinized by testing authorities globally, including the US Forest Service.

What does BLAZETAMER380TM contain and how does it work?

BLAZETAMER380™ is a liquid concentrate water enhancer that contains a mix of polymers, surfactants, water and other ingredients that are combined to create an environmentally friendly solution that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable.  BLAZETAMER380™ concentrate is diluted with water at very small concentrations, from0.2%-0.65%.  Even at the highest rate of only 6.5 liters per 1,000 litres of water, it is significantly lower than other fire suppressants and retardants that can be mixed as high as 15%, or 150 liters per 1,000 liters of water. Non-enhanced water suppresses fires as energy from the fire is absorbed. BLAZETAMER380™ makes water up to three times more effective for fire suppression since polymers link water molecules, resulting in significantly more absorption of energy from the fire. The strong molecular bonds also reduce evaporative loss and enhance drop characteristics of the suppressant by reducing drift.

What effect will BLAZETAMER380TM have on health?

None. The toxicity of BLAZETAMER380TM has been extensively tested. Those tests show the product to be non-toxic at normal levels of exposure; which is considered to be the concentration used to extinguish fires at the recommended dosage rate of between 0.1% and 6.5%”.

No significant health effects would be expected or have been recorded due to ingestion or contact with the mixed solution. Ingestion of concentrate, eye contact, or prolonged skin contact should always be avoided as a matter of good practice. A doctor or poison information centre should be consulted if the concentrate is swallowed. Should skin or clothing come into contact with the concentrate, it is good practice to wash at the earliest opportunity.

Extensive toxicity testing was conducted by independent authorities using EPA, WHS and OSHA protocols under the auspices of the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and Safe Work Australia.

Does BLAZETAMER380TM present a hazard to plants or agricultural crops?

No. The mixed solution of BLAZETAMER380TM is not harmful to plants or agricultural crops. For many years similar polymers have been used on food crops in agriculture for water retention, spray drift reduction and efficiency improvements in nutrients. The polymers have no effect on the plants themselves, and residues are not harmful to humans or animals.

For more information on the safety protocols or for specific questions on BLAZETAMER380TM, download our brochure or contact us today.

What should I do if an aircraft applied BLAZETAMER380TM to my house?

Don’t be alarmed. After a fire event, it is always good practice to inspect your dwelling to determine if there has been fire or ember damage, followed by a good cleaning of ash and residue from gutters. 

Prior to fire events, householders are recommended to block and fill gutters with water, making clean-down easy when the fire has passed. BLAZETAMER380TM will not damage structural surfaces, timber, or paintwork. However, some smooth, non-porous surfaces can remain slightly slippery, in which case sufficient water should be applied by hose to remove the product.

Householders should not flush fire suppression products into holding tanks for drinking water supplies. Concrete or paved surfaces around the home should be washed down with water. Any BLAZETAMER380TM which falls on gardens or gravel surfaces will break down and degrade over time.

How do I clean up BLAZETAMER380TM concentrate?

The following specific instructions for BLAZETAMER380TM will ensure easy and efficient clean-up of both spills, equipment, and personnel.

Personnel: Wipe skin thoroughly with paper towels to remove excess product. Wash with copious amounts of clean water and preferably a citrus-based cleaner, but it is not essential. Remove as much product from clothes as possible with paper towels, then rinse all affected areas with clean water and launder in a normal manner.

Equipment: Wipe equipment thoroughly with paper towels. Once all excess product has been removed, clean with proprietary citrus-based cleaner, then wash the excess off with copious amounts of clean water.

Spills: Spills should always be contained and absorbed IMMEDIATELY. For spills on natural surfaces (soil, sand, gravel), cover with plenty of absorbent material (such as soil/earth) and sweep up once the concentrate has been absorbed. Hose down residue with copious amounts of water.For spills on artificial surfaces (bitumen, concrete etc) it is important that absorbent material (soil is ideal) be applied immediately. The spill should be completely covered with absorbent and worked with a shovel until all of the product is absorbed. Sweep up the absorbent material and dispose of. Apply copious amounts of clean water to remove any remaining product residue. For spills on artificial surfaces, clean-up should be conducted promptly, and all traces of product washed from the surface immediately.

What type of fire will BLAZETAMER380TM extinguish?

BLAZETAMER380TM has been used to extinguish all common types of fire with the single exception of Electrical fires. Testing in both controlled and uncontrolled environments demonstrated the versatility of BLAZETAMER380TM.

To date, the product has demonstrated its ability to control:
Grease or fat fires
Coal fires
Diesel fires
Ethanol fires
Any type of A-Class wildland and structural fires

Where can I find BLAZETAMER380TM?

In Australia or New Zealand, you can contact BioCentral Labs to find your nearest supplier or contact us directly for more information. In North America, the distribution of BLAZETAMER380TM is managed by our US-based sales team. Contact them directly today to access BLAZETAMER380TM for your fire suppression needs via Bill.Schuster@blazetamer.com or call +1 (218) 969 6799. For all other enquiries on where you can access BLAZETAMER380TM, contact BioCentral Labs today.

What wildfire conditions are viable for the use of BLAZETAMER380TM?

Due to the powerful effect of BLAZETAMER380TM as a water-enhancing elastomer, weather conditions such as excessive heat, smoke, wind, or other localised weather events have far less impact on BLAZETAMER380TM than other fire control methods. BLAZETAMER380TM is suitable and optimal for use in any weather conditions to improve safety and reduce risks for firefighters. At the same time having the greatest impact on wildland fires in the shortest timeframe.

For more information on the efficacy of BLAZETAMER380TM in difficult weather scenarios, explore our training modules.

How does BLAZETAMER380TM reduce water consumption?

Since BLAZETAMER380TM is a water-enhancing elastomer, water is still consumed to manage the spread of wildfires. The advantage of BLAZETAMER380TM over other firefighting products lies in its water-improving properties - the drop characteristics, improved endothermic properties, and tank capacity utilization all result in fewer required attacks to achieve the same result over other products.

Refer to our training modules and brochure to see case analyses and technical information regarding the reduced water consumption of BLAZETAMER380TM.

How do I mix BLAZETAMER380TM?

BLAZETAMER380TM is easy to use and quick to prepare. In the simplest firefighting scenarios, simply mixing the required amount of concentrate with water and recirculating it with a pump will provide the correct solution to achieve the results desired.

In more complex, time-sensitive, or high-stakes scenarios, BLAZETAMER380TM can be injection mixed directly into supply lines or aboard aerial or ground-based firefighting vehicles for the most optimal results. Refer to our training modules to understand which blending method is best for your operation or situation.

How is BLAZETAMER380TM different to retardant solutions and class-A foams?

As firefighting chemical solutions are developed, it is important to understand the difference in application, outcome, and long-term effect of the various solutions available.

Water-enhancing solutions like BLAZETAMER380TM and class-A foams reduce the heat in the environment and smother the fire to deprive the wildfire of sources of heat and oxygen. Retardant solutions can have secondary objectives of reducing heat in an area but are primarily designed to deprive wildland fires of the fuel they consume to spread.

The benefit of BLAZETAMER380TM lies in its comprehensive effect of reducing the heat and oxygen of the wildfire while optimising the drop characteristics and long-term impact on the environment to ensure that significantly more solution reaches the point of impact and the wildlands are bolstered against future fires by protecting their natural ecology.

To better understand the benefits of BLAZETAMER380TM, refer to our training modules.

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