The most effective direct-attack firefighting solution

The most effective direct-attack firefighting solution


BLAZETAMER380TM controls the escalation of wildfires safely, economically, and easily

The water enhancing elastomer with a powerful, immediate impact

BLAZETAMER380TM provides the most impactful first attack to limit the intensity and spread of wildfires, reducing the duration, range, and severity.
BLAZETAMER380TM is a more economical solution than any other product. At only a third of the cost of fire retardant and with significantly reduced water usage, more resources are preserved.
As a more efficient drop, BLAZETAMER380TM expends less water, less product, and allows for a better direct attack, with less aerial drift and less evaporation.
The endothermic properties of BLAZETAMER380TM allow firefighters to directly combat the challenges present alongside wildfires - reducing smoke build-up and lowering the temperature of material in the area to below flash-point, effectively reducing the spread of the fire.

“We are proud of the efficacy and reliability of BLAZETAMER380TM in reducing the damage caused by wildfires around the world and in protecting firefighters as they perform their critical duty.”

MELISSA BROOKS — Managing Director

Commonly answered questions


BLAZETAMER380TM is a water-enhancing elastomer designed for deployment by aircraft – both fixed and rotary wing – to suppress wildfires quickly and safely. The product can also be used in ground engines by applying the recommended dosage to the water and agitating for a few minutes. Recirculating through the pump will yield the best results.
BLAZETAMER380™ has been closely scrutinized by testing authorities globally, including the US Forest Service.

What does BLAZETAMER380TM contain and how does it work?

BLAZETAMER380™ is a liquid concentrate water enhancer that contains a mix of polymers, surfactants, water and other ingredients that are combined to create an environmentally friendly solution that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable.  BLAZETAMER380™ concentrate is diluted with water at very small concentrations, from0.2%-0.65%.  Even at the highest rate of only 6.5 liters per 1,000 litres of water, it is significantly lower than other fire suppressants and retardants that can be mixed as high as 15%, or 150 liters per 1,000 liters of water.
Non-enhanced water suppresses fires as energy from the fire is absorbed. BLAZETAMER380™ makes water up to three times more effective for fire suppression since polymers link water molecules, resulting in significantly more absorption of energy from the fire. The strong molecular bonds also reduce evaporative loss and enhance drop characteristics of the suppressant by reducing drift.

What type of fire will BLAZETAMER380TM extinguish?

BLAZETAMER380TM has been used to extinguish all common types of fire with the single exception of Electrical fires. Testing in both controlled and uncontrolled environments demonstrated the versatility of BLAZETAMER380TM.

To date, the product has demonstrated its ability to control:
Grease or fat fires
Coal fires
Diesel fires
Ethanol fires
Any type of A-Class wildland and structural fires

Where can I find BLAZETAMER380TM?

In Australia or New Zealand, you can contact BioCentral Labs to find your nearest supplier or contact us directly for more information. In North America, the distribution of BLAZETAMER380TM is managed by our US-based sales team. Contact them directly today to access BLAZETAMER380TM for your fire suppression needs via or call +1 (218) 969 6799. For all other enquiries on where you can access BLAZETAMER380TM, contact BioCentral Labs today.

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