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Behind the Scenes


Sales & Business Development Manager

Bill - I began my career in Forestry with 27 years as a Forestry Technician in northern Minnesota, for the MN DNR.  Simultaneously, I began my career in fire/aviation with Helitack in 1983.  I moved to the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center in 2007 as the Statewide Helicopter Operations Specialist and retired in 2016 as the MN DNR Wildfire Aviation Supervisor.  I also spent 32 years as a member on our local rural fire department.  During my career I was carded as an Air Operations Branch Director,  Air Attack, Helicopter Coordinator,  Aerial Ignition Specialist, Prescribed Burn Boss and several other positions.  My background in fire/aviation helps me to understand both operations and program management.  I was first exposed to BLAZETAMER380 in 2015 when we decided to use it in our fleet of contracted FireBoss'.  I look forward to working with fire/aviation managers as they consider incorporating BLAZETAMER380 into their programs since I firmly believe it is a game changer!

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Contracts & International Business Development Manager

HJ – He spent his youth on a ranch, began fighting wildland fire at the age of 17, obtained a degree in Forestry, practiced Silviculture with fire duties thru 1988.  Converted to a Federal Contracting Officer position, held positions on Type I and II overhead teams, and became the Chief of Contracting for the DOI aviation program.  Retired in 2012, moved back to the ranch and worked in the private section to this day.

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Operations Manager

I am Jeff Nelson the Operations Manager for BLAZETAMER380 USA/Canada/International. I have worked in Wildland Firefighting, Aviation Operations and Structural Firefighting for 38 years. I have 25 years of experience working and developing the State of Minnesota’s SEAT Program and supporting National wildfire efforts.  

I am a Federally Carded Mixmaster, Tankerbase Manager and SEAT Manager. I assist our customers with their needs from BLAZETAMER380 maintenance, mixing and loading of BLAZETAMER380 to Air Base setup and design.

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Sales Consultant

Shawn Whittington, I have 27 years in the fire service in an all risk capacity with 21 years in fire aviation.  A qualified Air Operations Branch Director I have managed complicated air programs all over the country for fire and national disasters.  With seven years on an Type 1 incident management team I have brought many firsts to our team and the region.  My experience in a large municipal department affords the experience in managing an all risk air program as well as the challenges faced by departments with shrinking budgets and expanding demands for service and call volume.  Let me help you in evaluating your potential with a revolutionalry product that can increase productivity, and broaden your safety margins and risk management systems.

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Sales Consultant

Robert (Bob) McAlpin

1968/69 in Montana with the USFS on a Wilderness Trail Crew.
1970 in Alaska working on a BLM Helitack Fire Crew before being Drafted.
3.5 years as a US Army Helicopter Pilot. Assignments in Washington, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Utah, and RVN.
30+ years with the AK Army NG as a Helicopter Pilot, Safety Officer.
33 years with Alaska BLM / Alaska Fire Service (Helitack Fire Fighter, Aerial Detection Spec, Large AC Load Master, Statewide Helicopter Program Manager. Numerous Fire assignments supporting Aviation Operations in the USA.

Military liaison with US Army, Reserve, NG Aviation Units on Fire assignments.
11.5 years with Alaska DNR Forestry (Northern Region Avn Officer, Helicopter and Large Air Tanker COAR, Canadian Large Air Tanker Liaison with the USFS, Managed Northern Region Air Tanker Bases, Aviation Safety Officer).
Currently self-employed and the Alaska BLAZETAMER USA Sales and Service Rep.



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